Research Activities

Selected Projects


Anomaly Detection in IoT Devices (NTNU AI research lab): 2018

Using Computational Intelligence methods to identify abnormal IoT devices.  

Predicting daily solar radiation: (2017)

Modeling and simulations using AI methods to predict daily solar radiation.

Short Term energy consumption (2018)

Applying a clustering technique for accurate shortterm prediction of electric energy usage, using weather data.

Project leadership

Leader and organizer in performing more than 30 engineering application of AI projects. The projects were defined, proposed and implemented by using most recent machine learning and hybrid soft computing methods such as classification, clustering, and deep learning methods and the results have been confirmed by the simulations before the final process. 2014-2018 | UM, IUST, IAU, Open ML, Telenor, and  NTNU-Open AI lab.

Research statement